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Written translations

Academic documents and books

We approach each translation with dedication, applying our experience in research and writing to academic translation.

Museum signage, labels, and guides

Our cultural acumen and dedication support our careful work with texts related to the arts - we maintain fidelity to cultural and artistic nuances. 

Tour guide pamphlets and informational documents

We pay attention to the needs of tourists in our localization of tourism projects.

Documentation for professionals

Conference proceedings, letters, memos, etc.

Pamphlets and publicity materials

The richness of marketing requires translations that preserve meaning as well as connotation. We pay close attention to the emotional impact of the message, transcreating it for its target market.

Websites / Presentations

We can work with Internet texts, including creating SEO content.

Legal materials, contracts

Precise work with documentation guarantees accuracy. We employ our client's jargon and vocabulary.

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Editing and Post-Editing

Post-editing - editing

Post-editing - editing translations or projects done by non-natives

Substantive editing

Add or remove information, suggest changes to sentence/paragraph/chapter structure

Stylistic editing

Tone, voice, language; add or remove information according to the context; suggest changes in structure of sentences, paragraphs, and chapters.


Syntax and more - grammar, punctuation, spelling, spot-check footnotes, references. 

Send us your project or a description of it, and we'll send you a quote. Pricing depends on factors like volume, speed required, technicality, and whether the project is one-time or ongoing